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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday James Marsters

It's James Marsters' birthday tomorrow, 20th August - so a shout out to you, James.

According to his official website, James (who plays Spike if you weren't sure) has a lot scheduled over the next few months. He will be appearing at the Chicago Comic Con this week, heading to Canada to perform at FanExpo, then attending DragonCon 2010 in early September. He is also scheduled to attend Comic Cons in New York, New England and Austin in October and November.

Meanwhile, James guest stars in the Pilot Episode of the new Hawaii Five-O which premieres September 20th. The interactive game DC Universe Online, scheduled for release on November 2nd, features James as the voice of Lex Luther and his other current project - narrating an audiobook collection of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files - will be released Novemeber 11th.

It was announced in May that James and his long-time girlfriend Patricia got engaged - but as yet I've been unable to find out if a date has been set. Comment below if you know any goss about the wedding.

The best place to go for everything James Marsters related is The Official James Marsters Website, where you will find further details about all the events I've mentioned, as well as link up to James news on Facebook or Twitter. I particularly love the Q&A section of the webiste where James answers to his fans - you can submit your own question, there is a new session each month.

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