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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Michelle Trachtenberg on Ewan McGregor, Nate Berkus and the 'bum grab'

Michelle Trachtenberg - current 'Gossip Girl' star and former Buffy alum - revealed an interesting tidbit in a recent interview with Nate Berkus.

We Buffy fans remember Michelle as Buffy's little sister, Dawn. Well she's all grown up now, with a hugely successful career and an endearing personality which shines through in the following video segment.

The interview is with former Oprah Show regular, Nate Berkus. Michelle relates an anectode involving a red-carpet charity event, Ewan McGregor and her bottom. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Willow fan? Check out this sketch of Allyson Hannigan / Willow Rosenberg

Take a look at this awesome fast-forward video of a drawing from beginning to end. I admire people who can draw like this! The artist reproduces the image of Willow from a photograph.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pre-order the latest Dr Horrible Book by Zack Whedon

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - if you are not already aware - is a musical 'tragicomedy' short film produced exclusively for internet distribution. It tells the story of Dr. Horrible, an aspiring supervillain; Captain Hammer, his nemesis; and Penny, their mutual love interest. The movie was written by writer/director Joss Whedon, his brothers Zack Whedon (a television writer) and Jed Whedon (a composer), and actress Maurissa Tancharoen. The writing team penned the musical during the WGA writers' strike. The idea was to create something small and inexpensive, yet professionally done, in a way that would circumvent the issues that were being protested during the strike.

Dr. HorribleNow you can pre-order this collection of short stories by Zack Whedon, based on the Emmy award winning musical, about the earlier adventures of Captain Hammer, Penny and Dr Horrible.

You can also order the book or DVD of Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog from Amazon:
Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Book

Monday, September 13, 2010

Awesome fan-made Buffy trailer video

Came across this video and wanted to share it - I think it's a great tribute.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Buffy fan news and BtVS-related links

I have been trying to keep my finger on the pulse this week in relation to our favourite Buffy stars and topics. So, here are the things I have learned from keeping my ear to the ground and other items of interest I came across so far this September.

This week was the 8 year anniversary of Sarah Michelle Gellar's marriage to Freddy Prinze Jr. The couple met on the set of I Know What You Did Last Summer in 1997 and were officially married over the Labor Day weekend of 2002 in a fairly secretive ceremony. Of course, Sarah and Freddy have since had a baby girl, Charlotte. Happy Anniversary!

A GeekDad teaches us how to play the theme music from Joss Whedon's 'Firefly' on guitar. That says it all really.

Like trivia? The recent date of September 2nd 2010 reminded us all of the old fave from the 90s, Beverly Hills 90210. Why? Because the numbers of the date are 09-02-10. Seth Green (Oz from Buffy) and Emma Caulfield (Anya from Buffy) both made appearances on 90210. I also found out that certain scenes from both BtVS and Beverly Hills 90210 were filmed at the same place, Torrance High School in California.

Here's a great example of Buffy Fan Fiction, well written.

Neil Patrick Harris - technically not in Buffy, I know, but he is the star of Joss Whedon's Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog and Alyson Hannigan (Willow)'s co-star in How I Met Your Mother - (aka NPH or @actuallyNPH on twitter), is promoting his new 3D movie, The Smurfs, due out August 2011. Neil Patrick Harris also won 2 Emmy's last week - congrats! - here is an interview with NPH about his Emmy's.

There's so much more to come! Please follow Buffy Fan Fix on Twitter & 'like' Buffy Fan Fix (BtVS Fan Blog) on Facebook.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Seth Green's latest project ControlTV

One of my faves in the entertainment industry, Seth Green, is now involved in a new reality TV concept. Buffy fans will remember Seth as Willow's love interest, the werewolf, Oz. Along with Matthew Senreich and Richard Saperstein, Seth is now producing an "online reality web experiment". Ford Motor Co. and Sprint Nextel will sponsor the project, "ControlTV". The hero of the piece - yet to be cast - will for 6 weeks be subject to the whims of the audience, who will direct the action through social media. ControlTV will reportedly debut before the year is out.

Where to buy latest Buffy comic #36 (no spoilers, except cover art)

Buffy Comic 36 Season 8 Last Gleaming part 1Buffy the Vampire Slayer #36 Chen CoverThe new issue #36 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Last Gleaming Part 1, written by Joss Whedon, is now available.  Last Gleaming will be the finale of season 8.  Reviews are already available online, but I will not give one here for the sake of those who don't want spoilers. If you still don't have your copy, Issue #36 can be purchased with cover art by either Georges Jeanty (right) or Jo Chen (left).  Please click the images for more information.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New hardcover Premiere Edition of Angel: After the Fall

Angel: After the Fall: Premiere Edition by authors Brian Lynch, Joss Whedon, Franco Urru, Tim Kane, David Messina, Stephen Mooney, John Byrne, Nick Runge, Fabio Montovani, Kevin Schmidt and Mirco Perfederic.

After the Fall is the comic by IDW Publishing which follows on from the the Angel TV series (season 5) starring David Boreanaz. Angel: After the Fall: Premiere Edition is a collection of After the Fall issues #1-17 (Volumes 1-4), written predominently by Brian Lynch and Joss Whedon.You can now pre-order this special hardcover edition from Amazon and get 34% off.

Buffy and Angel fans may also be interested in another brand new publication - Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon by the Women Who Love Them. Be one of the first to grab it by pre-ordering now to save 32%. Available March 15, 2011.

Whedonistas is a collection of essays by award winning female writers, celebrating the impact of Joss Whedon's amazing body of work to date. It features an exclusive interview with television writer and producer Jane Espenson.

Monday, August 30, 2010

One-off live performance - Seth Green in Star Wars Indianna Jones Mashed Fan Film

At Disney's Hollywood Studios earlier this month, 14th August, a lucky audience witnessed the one-time-only performance of "Raiders of the Lost Jedi Temple of Doom - A Fan Film of Epic Proportions".

The performance was part of "The Last Tour to Endor" event for fans attending Star Wars Celebration V (August 12-15 2010). Star Wars Celebration is the official Lucasfilm event celebrating all things Star Wars, produced by fans for fans. Walt Disney Creative Entertainment created the one-time show, incorporating characters such as Darth Vader, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Princess Leia into the park’s regular “Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!” live show.

Seth Green (Robot Chicken & Buffy) and Anthony Daniels (C3PO from Star Wars) guest star in the production and George Lucas is watching in the audience.

Buffy stars make a film - Tara & Warren team up

Buffy fans know that Warren killed Tara but did you know that Amber Benson and Adam Busch recently got together to direct an independant film? Drones - a sci-fi comedy - has already received some great reviews following its 2010 circuit of film festival screenings.

Written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, Drones is a witty story of office romance with an alien twist. There has been some unfortunate controversy regarding a suspiciously similar story line in the SyFy Channel's new series, Human Relations. SyFy of course denies plagiarism. Let it suffice to say that Drones came first!

Drones will be featured at the upcoming Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. The popular annual film festival screens horror, fantasy, sci-fi, action and other genre films from around the world and this year (2010) is scheduled for September 23-30.  Amber Benson and Adam Busch will be attending the festival along with Drones actors Angela Bettis and Kevin Ford.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday James Marsters

It's James Marsters' birthday tomorrow, 20th August - so a shout out to you, James.

According to his official website, James (who plays Spike if you weren't sure) has a lot scheduled over the next few months. He will be appearing at the Chicago Comic Con this week, heading to Canada to perform at FanExpo, then attending DragonCon 2010 in early September. He is also scheduled to attend Comic Cons in New York, New England and Austin in October and November.

Meanwhile, James guest stars in the Pilot Episode of the new Hawaii Five-O which premieres September 20th. The interactive game DC Universe Online, scheduled for release on November 2nd, features James as the voice of Lex Luther and his other current project - narrating an audiobook collection of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files - will be released Novemeber 11th.

It was announced in May that James and his long-time girlfriend Patricia got engaged - but as yet I've been unable to find out if a date has been set. Comment below if you know any goss about the wedding.

The best place to go for everything James Marsters related is The Official James Marsters Website, where you will find further details about all the events I've mentioned, as well as link up to James news on Facebook or Twitter. I particularly love the Q&A section of the webiste where James answers to his fans - you can submit your own question, there is a new session each month.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nicholas Brendon at Chicago Comic Convention

Nicholas Brendon (aka Xander Harris) is scheduled to appear at Chicago Comic Con Wizard World Convention from Friday August 20 to Sunday August 22. He will be signing autographs and presales are available for photo opportunities.

Other upcoming Nick appearances include UltimArt’s Convention The Musical at the end of August in Paris, Whedonfest in early October in Toronto and New England Comic Con for Wizard World's Buffyfest mid October. Boy gets around.

Go to for more details and to read transcripts of Nick's audioblog which is hilarious.

Nick is now a voiceover guy and co-writer for a webcomic which will be launched in September. Watch this space

Friday, August 13, 2010

Charisma Carpenter stars in The Expendables

What's Cordelia up to these days?

Charisma Carpenter (aka Cordelia Chase of BtVS fame) has been busy walking red carpets, attending premieres for her new film The Expendables in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and London.

The Expendables is due to open, oh, right about now - Friday, the 13th of August 2010. Charisma plays the character Lacy in this new action/thriller film. Directed (and starring) Sylvester Stallone, the amazing cast includes Jet Lee, Mickey Rourke and Dolph Lundgren.

But what a busy girl Charisma has been, completing several projects this year, including Psychosis, House of Bones and guest starring on Greek. Not to mention guest starring in Legend of the Seeker in late September.

Get regularly updated Charisma news and pictures here.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BtVS Season 8 motion comics now available

You may already be aware that Dark Horse Comics and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment are adapting the Season 8 Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics into an animated version. The trailer is below or available to view for free at iTunes. Boo to iTunes. But hooray that the rumours were true and Buffy lives on with Joss Whedon at the helm (thank goodness - and don't get me started on this remake-sans-Whedon business).

And now I hear that finally the first two episodes of the motion comic adaption are available for $1.99 each at iTunes. Apparently the first 10 episodes will be available on DVD in January 2011, featuring limited edition packaging with Jo Chen artwork along with a collectible reprint of the first issue. Excitement!

Check out the trailer of Season 8 BtVS motion comic.

New BtVS DVD box set Seasons 1-7

Well the news as I hear it is that Twentieth Century Fox plans to release a repackaged version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Series DVD boxset. That's all seven seasons of (arguably) Joss Whedon's greatest work, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.
What's different about the new box set? Well, reports say it will be wider than the 2006 release and will feature new cover art but it is unknown whether it will include any new content or bonus features.

At this stage it looks like the new set will be released in the US in October 2010 and retail for a little under $200.

Once More With Feeling - Behind the scenes

Is it wrong that Once More With Feeling is still my favourite Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode ever? Is it too obvious? I'm sorry, I can't help it - it's everything we love about the Scoobies only with singing, you can't beat that.

Watch Buffy episodes online

I just discovered you can watch the entire first season of BtVS for free on - such a relief to know it's always there just in case our DVD collections are stolen or the TV suddenly explodes.  We die-hard fans can always get our fix, while those who are yet to be convinced can take a risk-free tour through Sunnydale before being converted to fandom. Indoctrinate your friends today!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010